Mantras and Mindfulness: An Exploration of Elements and Emotions  

This project is based on what I consider to be the most important “Life Skills”.  These creative processes are often absent in our everyday life, but by practicing them and refocusing attention on their importance we can enrich any experience.   In this project we will explore each skill in a different creative mode: creative movement, storytelling, art making, environmental exploration, self-discovery and collaboration.

The Skills

Mindfulness: the practice of mindful attention to ourselves and others in each moment in a non judgmental, yet fully observant way.

Emotional Intelligence: the capacity to be aware of, control, and express our emotions in relation to others.

Creative Visualization: the ability to visualize and create new possibilities for ourselves and others by exploring personal goals and dreams.

The Workshops

A Yantra, is a mandalic image used by meditation practitioners to focus the mind, improve visualization skills and increase concentration.  In this project we take a Rhorshachian spin on this tradition, and start by creating the Mandalic images we will use for the breathing exercises based on environmental and emotional triggers.  

Breath also called Prana (life-force energy) oxygenates every cell in our body.  I believe Pranayama (breath work) is one of the most important tools to ensure wellbeing.  This project sets the stage for lifelong breath awareness through the exploration of 3 specific breathing techniques:

Ujjayi (Ocean Breath): The “deep ocean sound” made at the back of the throat while performing this exercise really calms the mind and relaxes the body.

Breath of Fire (Dragon Breath): helps us feel brave when we are nervous or more energetic when we are tired.

Kapalabhati (Steam Train Breath): detoxifies the body and stimulates the brain so that we can feel and perform at our best.

The Exhibition

A curated selection of the participant’s work will be printed and installed at a chosen site within the community, and an online exhibition of all the work (including audio guides to the breathing exercises) will available for participants to access and share with friends and family.  


Workshops are available for children and/or adults, and will be tailored to fit your community.  The maximum group size per session is 20. I work with local Audubon and Land Trust organizations, and am equally comfortable in classroom, gallery, studio or community center locations.   If you are interested, contact me and I will provide a project proposal for your site including time, space and projected costs.