Examination of Song and Flight

Reevolution  (in progress)

Reevolution (in progress)

I am an artist specializing in socially and environmentally engaged practice.  My most recent work considers the artworks and artifacts that illuminate ancient systems of knowledge and understanding that predate our current systems of recording and defining science and history such as sacred geometry, alchemy, myth and traditional knowledge systems.

I explore ecological ways of thinking by examining the artifacts created by cultures that lived or live, in close proximity to natural cycles; most often ancient and indigenous peoples living before the agricultural revolution as I see that period in history as a critical turning point for our species culturally and ecologically. 

Through my work I hope to investigate and share, in equal measure, ideas and perspectives that lie in the borderlands between science and myth, physical and transcendental, creator and creation.  



We learn from what has been created in the past, but art is not a past event. Likewise, it is not a set of tools

and materials. It is a way of seeing, perceiving, responding, creating, and walking through the world.