The definition: To stand up or stand again, referring to physical resurrection of the body, or cultural resurrection as an uprising against an oppressive force.

An introduction: 1,000 years ago the world was introduced to a unique and mystical compound known as poudre. At it’s invention there was no such thing as a gun.  In 10th Century China, alchemists revealed the combustible potential of a new "fire drug" in their search for an elixir of immortality.  Since then this powder has blasted its way into nearly every aspect of society… from science and art to politics and economics.   Today we no longer separate the word Gun from the Powder… but perhaps in order to explore it’s full potential, it is time that we do…

Anastasis (the work)

A performance about the quest for Resurrection, and the need for Insurrection. 

Sacred garment, Alchemic Lab, 550 spent bullet shells, Sulfur, Carbon, Saltpeter, Fireworks and Fuse

Notes on this piece:

In general, I explore natural cycles, social currents, sustainability and potential.  My current body of work examines visible, invisible and psychological structures.  I create visual experiments that exist in between the realms of body mind and spirit through careful observation, in depth research, and meaningful communication with the world around me. Most recently I have been researching mythology and alchemy through archeology and artifacts that illustrate sacred and scientific truths simultaneously. In this piece I hope to ritualize a process for returning gunpowder to it’s rightful alchemic origins: a quest for immortality through the investigation of cosmic dust... by exploring the reality of our experience with it, one of violence, discomfort and death.